Harmonizing Energy Security and Efficiency with KAKTI

About Us

KAKTI: Unleashing
The Power of AI

KAKTI is a venture-backed start-up founded and based in Europe.

As we navigate the path towards a more sustainable and electrified future, district energy emerges as a vital component. Over half of global final energy use is devoted to heating & cooling needs. Our mission is to modernise the district energy industry by offering affordable, sustainable, and efficiently produced heating and cooling solutions to  energy providers.

We are building AI-driven optimization tool for plant managers and grid operators. It is rooted in district energy companies where we predict optimal production methods and schedules, it ensures cost-effective heating and cooling amidst a dynamic electrified mix. Our solution mitigates grid congestion and simplifies complex decision-making for operation managers, elevating efficiency and sustainability.


Our Team

KAKTI: Founders

The Algorithm Artist

Antonio Calderon

Co-Founder & CTO

The Serial Entreprenur

Nick Laursen

Co-Founder & CEO

Our Valued Partners

Our Products

AI-Powered Efficiency Solutions

Production Optimization

KAKTI’s technology is powered by mathematical optimization models and machine-learning forecasting using real-time data.

Data Hub

Our data hub focuses on data storage and integration, ensuring that data is accessible and in a consistent format for various applications and users.

Insight Discovery

We unearth valuable patterns and trends from vast datasets. Leveraging advanced algorithms, it transforms raw data into actionable insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions.


We are always looking for extraordinary talent

Open positions is listed below.
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Marketing Assistant

The Marketing Assistant will be responsible for assisting with day-to-day marketing activities, including market research, customer service, sales, and sales & marketing. This is a hybrid role, implying that the role is located in South Jutland, Denmark but some work from home is acceptable.